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Today we will review Boomerangme. We will try to highlight all its contents So that you can easily use it in your business. It is becoming popular nowadays. If you haven’t taken advantage of it yet But I tell you to buy it Knowing its benefits will make you want to buy it now.

Boomerangme is a loyalty platform designed to help small and medium-sized businesses increase customer retention and revenue through digitized promotions and push-notification channels. The platform also offers a white-labeled reseller account to digital agencies, allowing them to offer loyalty as a service and generate recurring revenue. This could be a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their customer engagement and loyalty, and for agencies seeking to expand their service offerings.

What is Boomerangme ?

Boomerangme is a loyalty program software that allows businesses to create digital loyalty cards and reward their customers for repeat purchases. With Boomerangme, businesses can create custom loyalty programs that incentivize customers to keep coming back by offering rewards, discounts, and special offers.

One of the key features of Boomerangme is its digital loyalty card system, which allows businesses to create and distribute digital loyalty cards that customers can use to collect stamps or points. These cards are stored on the customer’s mobile device, making them easy to access and harder to lose than traditional paper loyalty cards.


Boomerangme also includes an integrated CRM system, which allows businesses to track customer behavior, gather data on their preferences and purchasing habits, and create targeted marketing campaigns based on this information. This can help businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers and improve customer loyalty over time.

Another important feature of Boomerangme is its free push notification system, which allows businesses to send targeted messages to their customers based on their behavior, preferences, and location. This can help businesses to stay top of mind with their customers and increase engagement and sales.

Overall, Boomerangme is a powerful loyalty program software that can help businesses to increase customer loyalty, improve engagement, and drive sales. With its advanced features and easy-to-use interface, it’s a great choice for businesses of all sizes looking to build stronger relationships with their customers.

Who is Boomerangme for?

Boomerangme is a good fit for people who have a small business and want to create a loyalty program to incentivize repeat purchases from their customers. It’s also suitable for those who want to send push notifications to their customers and monitor their loyalty program statistics.

Additionally, Boomerangme is a good option for people who want to create digital loyalty cards and integrate their loyalty program with their POS system. It also offers a white-label platform for those who want to customize the loyalty program to their brand’s needs.

Boomerangme is suitable for businesses of all sizes looking to increase customer loyalty and engagement through a digital loyalty program. It offers a range of features and tools that can help businesses to monitor their loyalty program’s performance, gather data and statistics, and customize their loyalty program to meet their specific needs.

Boomerangme Features

Digital Loyalty Cards: Boomerangme allows businesses to create digital loyalty cards that customers can use to collect stamps or points towards rewards. These cards can be easily accessed and managed through the customer’s mobile device.

Customizable Reward Programs: Boomerangme offers a range of customizable reward programs, including point-based and stamp-based systems, that can be tailored to fit the needs of each business.

Push Notifications: Boomerangme offers a free push notification system that allows businesses to send targeted messages to their customers based on their behavior, preferences, and location.

Integrated CRM: Boomerangme includes an integrated CRM system that allows businesses to track customer behavior, gather data on their preferences and purchasing habits, and create targeted marketing campaigns based on this information.

Statistics and Analytics: Boomerangme provides detailed statistics and analytics on customer behavior and loyalty program performance, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their loyalty programs over time.

POS Integration:​ Boomerangme can be integrated with a range of POS systems, allowing businesses to easily manage their loyalty program alongside their other business operations.

White-Label Platform: Boomerangme offers a white-label platform that can be customized to fit the branding and needs of each business.

Have A More Benefit Here

all of these features are included in all plans of Boomerangme. Businesses can create unlimited digital loyalty cards, subscription cards, and cashback cards, and choose from over 111 pre-designed card templates or create their own custom designs. Boomerangme also includes a built-in CRM system, free push notifications, geolocation push notifications, API calls, analytics, referral program, and feedback collection.

Businesses can also take advantage of integrations with Twilio, SendGrid, Stripe, and Google Tag Manager. Additionally, Boomerangme offers a free scanner app for charging cards, phone verification, and duplicate control to ensure data accuracy.

Overall, Boomerangme provides a comprehensive suite of features that businesses can use to create and manage their loyalty program effectively, drive customer engagement and retention, and monitor their program’s performance over time.

Boomerangme Appsumo

starting at Grow plan $69, Business plan $99 And Agency plan 129$ per month deal. In addition to lifetime access to the software, the deal also includes unlimited digital cards, customizable card templates, built-in CRM, free push notifications, referral program and feedback collection, API calls, analytics, and integration with Twilio, SendGrid, Stripe, and Google Tag Manager.

The deal also includes a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with Boomerangme, you can get a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

Boomerangme Lifetime Deal

Boomerangme is currently available on AppSumo as a lifetime deal. The deal includes access to all of Boomerangme’s features and future updates for a one-time fee, Now Appsumo lifetime deal is only 109$ and 93% Discount right now. This is Original price $1,548

You will get full access for a nominal fee. If you haven’t buy already, please do so now so you don’t miss out. AppSumo offers lifetime deals for a limited time, and once the deal is over, it may not come back again. Therefore, it’s best to take advantage of the opportunity and purchase the product during the deal period to secure lifetime access at a discounted price.

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