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Today I will introduce to you amazing tools. I think you did not see it before. Hippo Video This is really helpful to our business. I am using it for my business. So I am able to overall explain here.

We dive into the world of personalized B2B Marketing. How they can significantly enhance your sales engagement. We explore the process of creating, sharing, and tracking personalized videos to optimize your sales strategies. 

Learn how to leverage the power of personalized videos to capture your prospects’ attention and deliver tailored messages. That resonates with their specific needs. We discuss effective techniques for creating compelling and targeted videos that make a lasting impact on potential clients.


Today we are introduce That tools, This tools name HIPPO VIDEO. Hippo Video, you can easily create, edit, and share videos for various purposes like sales, marketing, training, and customer support. Capture your screen, record webcam footage, add annotations, and customize your videos with ease. It also provides advanced editing tools to enhance your videos and make them stand out.

One of the highlights of this lifetime deal is that you’ll have access to all future updates and features, ensuring that you stay ahead with the latest video marketing trends. Hippo Video integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like Gmail, Slack, and CRMs, making it convenient to share your videos and engage with your audience.  Enhance your online presence, increase engagement, and drive better results with Hippo Video. Get started today!

In today’s competitive marketplace, engaging customers and standing out from the noise is crucial. Personalized video can be a game-changer in capturing attention and building meaningful connections with your audience.

Imagine being able to send personalized video messages directly to your customers, addressing them by name and tailoring the content specifically to their needs and interests. Personalized videos allow you to create a more authentic and human connection, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Hippo Video Marketing Some Secret Tricks Here

By incorporating personalized videos into your marketing and communication strategies, you can follow this tips. I hope you will great result for your business. Follow the down tips here.

  1. Grab Attention: Personalized videos immediately capture the viewer’s attention and make them more likely to engage with your message.

  2. Build Trust: Personalization shows that you value and understand your customers on an individual level, helping to establish trust and credibility.

  3. Increase Conversion: Personalized videos have higher conversion rates as they are more relevant and compelling, driving action from your audience.

  4. Enhance Customer Experience: By delivering personalized videos, you create a memorable and positive experience, fostering long-term customer loyalty.

  5. Differentiate from Competitors: Personalized videos set you apart from your competitors by showcasing your commitment to going the extra mile for your customers.

To achieve this level of personalization at scale, you can leverage innovative video marketing platforms like Hippo Video. With its robust features, you can easily create and send personalized videos to engage your customers effectively.

So, why not leverage the power of personalized video to attract more people to your business and become a giant in your marketplace? Start incorporating personalized videos into your marketing strategy and watch your audience engagement soar.

Hippo Video Advance All Features

Experience the power of Hippo Video, the ultimate interactive video platform for personalized B2B video outreach. Here are some of its incredible features

Video Creation

Capture and share your ideas, tutorials, and demos seamlessly with Hippo Video’s screen recorder. Choose from two recording options:

Screen-Only: Capture your on-screen activity, allowing you to showcase software demos, walkthroughs, or presentations with ease.

Webcam+Screen: Combine the power of screen recording with your webcam feed, enabling you to add a personal touch to your videos while demonstrating or explaining concepts. Whether you prefer screen-only or webcam+screen recording, Hippo Video has you covered. Start sharing your expertise and engaging your audience today!

Make your video pitches flawless with Hippo Video’s scrolling teleprompter feature. Say goodbye to memorizing scripts and deliver your message confidently. Customize the font size and scrolling speed to suit your preferences and ensure a smooth and professional delivery. Elevate your video presentations with ease using Hippo Video’s teleprompter.

Grab viewers’ attention and emphasize important information with Hippo Video’s Mark-up Tools. Highlight, annotate, or focus on specific details on the screen, ensuring your message doesn’t go unnoticed. Make your videos visually engaging and captivate your audience with the power of our Mark-up Tools.

Craft personalized videos effortlessly with Hippo Video’s pre-built Video Flows. Our extensive library enables you to create tailored videos for each prospect throughout the customer journey, all with just a few clicks. These Video Flows are fully customizable, allowing you to adapt them to individual preferences, making them reusable for various scenarios. Streamline your video creation process and deliver impactful personalized content at every stage.

Here’s what you're missing with Loom

Video Email

Capture your prospects’ attention and triple response rates by sending video emails directly from your Gmail inbox with Hippo Video. Gain valuable insights on how often your video emails are watched and use this information to send timely follow-ups and qualify leads more effectively.

 Reach out to multiple prospects at once with personalized video email campaigns. Easily record and send video emails from your preferred sales tools, including LinkedIn, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoom, Slack, and more.


Accelerate your sales process and engage your prospects with the power of video using Hippo Video Hippo Video also offers advanced analytics and tracking features to help you measure the success of your video campaigns and make data-driven decisions. Hippo Video Lifetime Deal you can buy.

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Hippo Video is the perfect tool for any sales team looking to improve their outreach and conversion rates.

Video Recording

Enhance your communication with authentic videos using Hippo Video. Record your webcam, screen, or both to create impactful content. Choose between round or square webcam overlays for a personalized touch. Edit your videos effortlessly with a range of tools, including trimming, cropping, text overlays, and even using a green screen.

Share your videos seamlessly through email, social media, or links with just a click. Hippo Video provides detailed insights on user engagement, including play duration, geographic data, and frequency of views. Gain valuable analytics to understand how your audience interacts with your videos.

Video Selling

Create personalized landing pages for your business with Hippo Video, providing visitors with a unique and engaging experience. Customize your entire sales page to showcase your brand and captivate your audience.

Utilize the carousel feature to showcase various marketing materials, including videos and PDFs, enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Maximize the impact of your video advertising with the teleprompter tool, allowing seamless recording without interruptions. Say goodbye to lengthy scripts.

Drive sales with effective calls to action within your videos, prompting viewers to take desired actions. Capture videos in any setting and effortlessly switch to visually appealing backdrops. Gain valuable insights from renowned marketing expert Jeffrey Gitomer through practical video advice available with Hippo Video.

Video Campaigns

Let your personality shine through with customized video thumbnails using Hippo Video. Reflect your unique style by personalizing the preview image of your videos, incorporating the lead generator’s name, company name, and more.

Unlock the power of video in your marketing campaigns with Hippo Video. Experience a threefold increase in open click-through rates by leveraging its capabilities to record and send out video emails.

Tailor your videos to your preferences with ABM Personalization. Create a truly distinctive experience for your leads by utilizing Hippo Video’s ability to record ABM (Account-Based Marketing) video campaigns in their entirety.

Video Marketing

Simplify your video management with Hippo Video. Record, host, and share your videos seamlessly, whether they are for your website or email campaigns. Centralize all your videos in a single library for easy access.

Drive action with effective CTAs (Call-to-Actions) and forms. Encourage viewers to take desired actions, such as scheduling a demo or visiting your website, using strategically placed CTAs. Maximize customer feedback with video testimonials. Allow customers to share their thoughts about your business through short video testimonials, effortlessly captured with Hippo Video.

Track your progress with comprehensive analytics. Gain valuable insights about each video, including viewer engagement and lead behavior. Sort leads based on their level of interest and engagement with your videos.

Customize the player to align with your brand identity. Personalize the player’s logo, color scheme, and overall appearance to enhance brand awareness and create a positive brand image. Hippo Video Lifetime Deal buy today and grow your business.

Video Personalization

Take your ABM (Account-Based Marketing) campaigns to the next level with Hippo Video. Automate and personalize your outreach by creating unique video email campaigns for a large audience.

Combine the power of email and video with customized video email campaigns using Hippo Video. Infuse your email content with engaging videos to captivate your recipients and deliver a truly personalized experience.

Stand out from the crowd with customized video landing pages created with Hippo Video. Create landing pages that reflect your unique brand identity and leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

Make a lasting impression on your customers by sending personalized quote videos with Hippo Video. Transform contracts and quotes into engaging videos to enhance communication and make the process more memorable and effective.

Streamline your sales process by creating customized pre-sales demos with Hippo Video. Showcase your product or service in a tailored and interactive way, capturing the attention of potential customers and increasing conversion rates.

Personalized Sales Pages

Boost your sales with the Sales Prospecting Tool from Hippo Video. Personalized sales pages set you apart from generic emails, capturing your prospects‘ attention and driving more conversions.

With Hippo Video, simply add your main video message and a meeting link, and the rest of the page will be customized to create a personalized experience for your prospects.

Close deals faster with Hippo Video’s Personalized Sales Pages that can be used at any stage of the sales funnel. Add video testimonials, product demos, or PDF documents in a second video carousel on the same page to guide prospects after the sale. 

Create a unified sales experience with Hippo Video’s Single Sales Page. Customize the email address, name, and phone number for each user, making it easy for your entire team to utilize the page.

Track the performance of your sales pages using Hippo Video’s comprehensive analytics. Gain insights into page views, document views, video responses, and more, enabling you to gauge the effectiveness of your sales efforts.

For whom Hippo Video?

Hippo Video is designed to cater to the needs of various individuals and businesses who want to leverage the power of video in their workflows. Here are some of the key users of Hippo Video:

  1. Marketers: Marketers can use Hippo Video to create engaging video content for their marketing campaigns. They can create video ads, explainer videos, product demos, and video testimonials to attract and engage their target audience.

  2. Sales Professionals: Sales teams can utilize Hippo Video to personalize their outreach efforts. They can create video emails, sales pitches, and personalized sales pages to effectively communicate with prospects, showcase products or services, and close deals faster.

  3. Customer Support: Customer support teams can leverage Hippo Video to provide personalized and visual support to customers. They can create video tutorials, how-to guides, and troubleshooting videos to address customer queries and provide solutions.

  4. Trainers and Educators: Trainers and educators can use Hippo Video to create interactive and engaging video content for online courses, training sessions, and educational materials. They can deliver instructional videos, presentations, and assessments to enhance the learning experience.

  5. Small Business Owners: Small business owners can benefit from Hippo Video’s easy-to-use video creation tools to promote their products or services. They can create videos for social media marketing, website content, and customer communication to establish a strong online presence.

  6. Content Creators: Bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers can utilize Hippo Video to enhance their content creation process. They can record and edit videos, add captions and annotations, and optimize their video content for maximum engagement.

Hippo Video caters to a wide range of users who want to harness the power of video for marketing, sales, support, training, and content creation purposes. Buy today Hippo Video Lifetime Deal.

Hippo Video Pricing Plans

Hippo Video offers flexible pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets. Here are some of the pricing plans available:

Free Plans

Hippo Video offers a Free Plan that provides you with essential video recording and sharing capabilities. Here’s what you get with the Free Plan:

  • 2 Video Flows: Create personalized video campaigns for your prospects.
  • 10 minutes of Closed Caption: Add closed captions to make your videos accessible.
  • 5 Videos – Advanced AI Editor: Edit your videos using advanced AI-powered tools.
  • 2 Sales Pages: Customize and personalize sales pages to engage your prospects.
  • 50 Videos per month: Record and store up to 50 videos in your Hippo Video library.
  • Website and LinkedIn Background Personalization: Customize the appearance of your videos on your website and LinkedIn.
  • Basic Editing and Analytics: Make basic edits to your videos and track their performance with basic analytics.
  • Teleprompter: Use the teleprompter feature to read scripts while recording videos.
  • Mobile and Desktop Applications: Access Hippo Video’s features from both mobile and desktop devices.
  • Gmail/Outlook/LinkedIn Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with Gmail, Outlook, and LinkedIn for easy video sharing.

The Free Plan is a great option to get started with Hippo Video without any cost. Simply sign up for a free account and enjoy the included features.

For whom Hippo Video?

Pro Plans

Hippo Video offers a Pro Plan designed to enhance your sales efforts with advanced features. Here are the key features included in the Pro Plan:

  • 5 Video Flows: Create personalized video campaigns for your prospects.
  • 30 minutes of Closed Captions: Add closed captions for improved accessibility.
  • 10 Videos – Advanced AI Editor: Utilize advanced AI-powered editing tools for professional video editing.
  • 5 Sales Pages: Customize and personalize sales pages to engage your prospects.
  • Unlimited Full HD Recordings: Record and store videos in high-definition quality without any limitations.
  • Everything in Free Plan: Enjoy all the features available in the Free Plan.
  • Advanced Editing and Analytics: Take advantage of advanced editing capabilities and in-depth analytics for better video optimization.
  • Virtual Background: Use virtual backgrounds to enhance your video presentations and create a professional environment.
  • Interactive CTAs: Add interactive call-to-action buttons within your videos to drive viewer engagement and action.
  • Custom Branding and URL: Customize your videos with your own branding elements and use a personalized URL for a professional touch.

The Pro Plan is available at $20 per user per month when billed annually, or $30 per user per month when billed monthly. Start a 7-day free trial to experience the full benefits of the Pro Plan.

Teams Plans

Hippo Video offers a Teams Plan designed to empower your sales team with personalized videos integrated into your sales tools. Here are the key features included in the Teams Plan:

  • 15+ Video Flows: Create personalized video campaigns to drive more leads and engage prospects.
  • 200 minutes of Closed Caption: Enhance accessibility with closed captions for your videos.
  • 50 Videos – Advanced AI Editor: Utilize advanced AI-powered editing tools for professional video creation.
  • 15 Sales Pages: Customize and personalize sales pages to deliver a unique experience to your prospects.
  • 50 Personalized Videos: Create personalized videos tailored to individual recipients for effective communication.
  • Everything in Pro Plan: Enjoy all the features available in the Pro Plan.
  • Integrations with Sales Platforms: Seamlessly integrate with your existing sales platforms for enhanced workflow and productivity.
  • Advanced Sales Pages: Leverage advanced features to optimize your sales pages and drive better results.
  • Team Reports: Access comprehensive reports and analytics to track team performance and video engagement.
  • Tags in Folders: Organize and manage your videos efficiently with the ability to tag and categorize them within folders. so what are you looking for buy Hippo Video Lifetime Deal .

The Teams Plan is priced at $60 per user per month when billed annually, or $75 per user per month when billed monthly. Start a 7-day free trial to experience the full capabilities of the Teams Plan.

Enterprise Plans

Hippo Video offers an Enterprise Plan tailored to meet the needs of large organizations. Here are the key features included in the Enterprise Plan:

  • Custom Video Flows: Create highly customized video campaigns with advanced automation and personalization.
  • Salesforce Integration: Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce to streamline your sales processes and workflows.
  • Unlimited Videos – Advanced AI Editor: Enjoy unlimited access to the advanced AI-powered video editor for professional-grade editing.
  • 100 Personalized Videos: Create personalized videos at scale to engage and nurture prospects effectively.
  • 50 Humanize Videos: Utilize generative AI technology to humanize videos and add a personal touch.
  • Everything in Teams Plan: Access all the features available in the Teams Plan.
  • RBAC (Role-Based Access Control): Ensure security and control with role-based access control for different team members.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Streamline user authentication and enhance security with single sign-on functionality.
  • Dedicated Account Manager, Video Coaching, and Solution Engineering: Receive personalized support from a dedicated account manager and gain access to video coaching and solution engineering services.

The Enterprise Plan is priced at $80 per user per month when billed annually, with a minimum requirement of 10 seats. For more information and to discuss specific requirements, please contact the Hippo Video team.

Hippo Video Lifetime Deal by Appsumo

Here are the deal terms and conditions for the Hippo Video Lifetime Deal:

  • Lifetime access to Hippo Video
  • All future updates for the Sales Pro Plan included
  • If the plan name changes, the deal will be mapped to the new plan name with all accompanying updates
  • No codes or stacking, simply choose the plan that suits you
  • License must be activated within 60 days of purchase
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between the 5 license tiers
  • GDPR compliant
  • Available for new Hippo Video users and returning AppSumo purchasers
  • Previous AppSumo customers who purchased Hippo Video can upgrade their license to increase feature limits
  • Previous AppSumo customers will be grandfathered into the new feature limits
  • Optional add-on: Additional users available for $49 per month or $468 per year (if paid annually)
  • Optional add-on: Additional bandwidth available for $20 per 100 GB monthly

Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change, and it’s recommended to visit the AppSumo website for the most up-to-date information on the Hippo Video Lifetime Deal.

License Tier 1

The License Tier 1 of the Hippo Video Lifetime Deal includes the following:

  • One-time purchase of $59
  • Lifetime access to Hippo Video
  • All features included
  • Unlimited full HD recordings
  • 1 user license
  • 200 GB bandwidth per month
  • 25 GB storage

With this license, you’ll have access to all the features of Hippo Video, including unlimited full-HD recordings. You can record and create engaging videos for your sales and marketing needs. The license is valid for a lifetime, and you’ll have 200 GB of monthly bandwidth and 25 GB of storage available.

License Tier 2

The License Tier 2 of the Hippo Video Lifetime Deal includes the following:

  • One-time purchase of $99
  • Lifetime access to Hippo Video
  • All features included
  • Unlimited full HD recordings
  • 2 user licenses
  • 400 GB bandwidth per month
  • 100 GB storage
  • Custom domain
  • People tab

With this license, you’ll have access to all the features of Hippo Video, including unlimited full HD recordings. You can record and create engaging videos for your sales and marketing needs. The license is valid for a lifetime, and you’ll have 400 GB of monthly bandwidth and 100 GB of storage available. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to use a custom domain and access the People tab feature. try now Hippo Video Lifetime Deal.

License Tier 3

The License Tier 3 of the Hippo Video Lifetime Deal includes the following:

  • One-time purchase of $199
  • Lifetime access to Hippo Video
  • All features above included
  • Unlimited full HD recordings
  • 5 user licenses
  • 1 TB bandwidth per month
  • 250 GB storage
  • Custom domain
  • People tab
  • User roles and team reports
  • Advanced video reports
  • Video campaigns
  • Templates
  • Personalized thumbnail

With this license, you’ll have access to all the features offered by Hippo Video. You can create unlimited full HD recordings and leverage the advanced features such as user roles and team reports, advanced video reports, video campaigns, templates, and personalized thumbnails. The license allows up to 5 users to use the platform and provides 1 TB of monthly bandwidth and 250 GB of storage. You can also customize your domain and access the People tab feature.

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